Woman Scorned

Dead WomanPurity and innocence Precious and golden, Meant for greatness By tainted passion was stolen Through force and the lust Of a man disgraced, Misguided by wreckage The little girl displaced Sex object, Broken spirit Soul wounded and torn, Left to forage the wilderness Marked by scorn Bearing the scars of shame Forever hating his name, Destined for hate Lonely destitute fate Act of degradation Took her innocence away, He went to his grave She lived on as a slave To the pain he had brought By what his parents taught Initiated the deed Protecting him, yet she bleeds In pain, and lives on as a dead woman.

Keisha Allen-Smith is a mother, educator and an advocate for victims of abuse. Her hobbies include poetry, traveling, and spending time with family. She is a testimony to women who try to survive as an adult while dealing with the issues of low self-esteem, and the difficult challenge of rising from victim to survivor despite the social conditioning of others around her. Keisha has survived and beat the odds. She has a BA in Psychology and a MA in Counseling.

This poem appears in Dance with Danger: A story of domestic abuse and survival, her memoir about surviving an abusive relationship with her high school boyfriend.