The first 24-hours

To get this ball rolling, I will be posting three more survivor stories this week -- one on Wednesday, another on Thursday, and the third on Friday. From then on out I will only post one a week, on Mondays. I want each survivor to have her/his space and time, but I'm sure these first few won't mind being warriors for the new cause -- because that's exactly what they are.I wrote what follows as an email to a friend today, then decided to share it here -- because it isn't about me. It isn't about me doing some magical thing, it's about you taking up this cause as your own. It's about you, all of you, and I have never been more awestruck in all my life.


So I launched yesterday around noon. After that, things got crazy. I had a vague sense that things were crazy, but I didn't really have the time to sit down and think about it. I just knew I was really busy and really distracted, and went to bed really late with a headache and the realization that I hadn't eaten all day.

It continued today and around noon I decided to stop everything and really take stock, because I figured I would appreciate being able to look back someday. So I sat there and added some stuff up.

The first 24-hours of Violence UnSilenced:

2,250 hits on

1,329 hits on (where comments were closed)


126 emails (not including the 44 between the designer and I)

51 mentions of the words 'violenceunsilenced' on Twitter, not including my own -- (a fun illustration of this is to go to and type in 'violenceunsilenced' and also 'maggiedammit')

10 direct messages on twitter

22 new twitter followers

9 Facebook messages

an instant Technorati rank of 7 right out of the gates, with 22 blog reactions

a request for an interview on blog talk radio next week

an email from a journalist in L.A.

a request for a Q&A on another blog

another blogger actually made a video:

the editor of BlogNosh magazine requested a badge to put in rotation on her (megapopular) site for free

countless numbers of Diggs, Stumbles, and Google Reader shares (no way for me to track this)

#2 spot on for the day

and, most importantly: 32 new survivor stories sitting in my inbox ready to publish

Crazy, huh? And that was all by noon. I cleared my blackberry at noon and when I left my office today at 3:15pm there were 143 brand new messages on it.

I'm having a beer.


Thank you all again for collectively taking up this cause and making it your own. Stay tuned for tomorrow's survivor story.