You stole from me.You full of hate and anger looked at me and saw something you can never have.So you stole from me. You stole from me. YOU TOOK MY INNOCENCE! How can I ever get that back? For years I walked around with a chip on my heart. Darkness surrounded me. I can never let anyone close. You stole from me. There’s a part of me that will always be silent when I meet someone new. You stole that part from me! I can never look at another person the same again. No matter how much I want to – there will always be that thought. That nagging evil thought: “But what if they hurt me too?” You stole my innocence. My trust. You stole from me. How can I get over that? Finally I’ve realized you don’t. You get through it. And by God’s grace I am working through. Yes, it’s been 15 long years, but I swear you ain’t gonna win. I will be a ninja and fight, cause there is NO way you will win.


Jessica Tweets as @imperfectmomma.